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I love keeping busy. At any moment, I'm producing a number of unscripted projects with comedians and friends. These projects are most likely operating on a shoe-string budget all to finally discover the next "hot ones."

Who Wants $2.69_ Logo.png

I produce Martin Urbano's interactive weekly quiz show, "Who Wants $2.69?" Every Monday at 8pm EST, Martin Urbano (Kimmel, Comedy Central) invites a comedian and selected fan to win real money in an absurd gauntlet of trivia questions mixed with hilarious answers.   

Each hour-long show is live streamed to Chris Gethard's Planet Scum Twitch channel. 

VICE deemed us "the perfect game show for end times." 


With comedian Gina DiVittorio, we sold an IGTV series Cheap Date to the dating app Hinge. After producing 12 episodes, Gina and I went on to produce Fact, Fiction, or Fake News.

I am also currently producing Jake Berg's "More Eligible" series on the platform as well.

Now Serving Logo 7.3.png

Now Serving is a series of live-streamed, head-to-head, timed food challenges for charity. The rules are simple: a food quantity, time limit, and charity are determined. The competitors eat their hearts out and we all do our part to support various worthy causes.

We've raised $7,296 for various causes. We're hoping to build off of the success of our latest challenge: a 2-vs-2 melon-eating relay with the stars of Bravo’s Summer House.

Learn more.

final otclogo.png

Off the Cuff is an interactive, live-streamed game show where two comedians compete in 7 joke writing games, each prompted by a different crowd-sourced audience suggestion.

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