I'm a Brooklyn-based comedy producer who loves to make stuff on a budget.

Born and raised in New Orleans, my life became a punchline when at my bris, my dad handed out wooden nickels stating, "I went to this bris and all I got was this lousy tip." At the University of Maryland, I won a collegiate Emmy for The Rival News, a satirical news show with a live band and a studio audience. After graduation, I moved to New York in 2017 and began waiting tables at Caroline's on Broadway and working for the New York Comedy Festival. 

Shortly thereafter, I landed a job at CollegeHumor as an executive assistant and climbed the ranks to production coordinator where I booked talent and continue to produce CollegeHumor Live. My work has been featured at the Big Apple Film Festival, NYC Sketchfest, Philly Sketchfest, and New York Post

I'm always looking for another project to take on. 


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