I'm a Brooklyn-based comedy producer currently working for Rizzle, a TikTok competitor, as Talent & Development Manager.

In this role, I've been able to greenlight evergreen 1-min vertical series from more than 1,000 comedians and video creators. 

In 2017, I moved to New York without a job and began waiting tables at Caroline's on Broadway, taking the subway home at 2am on weeknights to live and breath comedy. 

After working for the New York Comedy Festival, I landed a job at CollegeHumor as an executive assistant and climbed the ranks to production coordinator where I booked talent and produced CollegeHumor Live.

Since the pandemic, I've been producing several livestream comedy shows including "Who Wants $2.69 with Martin Urbano?" every Monday at 8pm EST on Planet Scum's Twitch channel.

My work has been featured in VICE, The New York Post, The Big Apple Film Festival, NYC Sketchfest, and Philly Sketchfest.